**Local sales tax is added to final bill**

Paintless Dent Repair $75 minimum charge.  Dent must be seen in person or picture can be emailed to help determine price and if dent is repairable.

Headlight Restoration $45-$65.  Semi trucks with large headlight assemblies may have an additional fee.

Auto Detailing Many packages are available to suit your needs and budget.  In-person estimate is the best way to determine price.

Hand Wash Exterior $20-$35

Hand Wash and Wax $35-$45 Does not include clay bar process or paint polishing by machine

Hand Wash, Clay bar, Wax $40-$65 Does not include paint polishing by machine

Carpet and seat cleaning only $55-$75 Does not include any detailing, fabric cleaning only.

Fabric Protection $15-$25 After the interior fabric has been cleaned, Scotch Guard can be applied to make future accidents easier and more successful to clean.

Express Interior Detail $35-$50 If you car does not need intensive deep down detailing or if your on a budget then choose this option.


  • Vacuum
  • Basic interior wipe down
  • Glass Cleaning
  • Door jamb wipe down
  • Air freshener dispersed
  • Does not include carpet, seat or headliner cleaning
  • Does not include stain removal or foul odor removal

Express Exterior Detail $75-$95  This will boost your paints gloss, depth and reduce defects and give your car a good coat of protection.  If you’re picky about your car choose the Show Car detail option.


  • Hand Wash
  • Clay bar paint to remove contamination
  • Clean and treat tires
  • Clean and treat all exterior plastic trim
  • Machine paint polish with one step
  • Sealant or wax applied
  • Glass cleaned

Express Interior and Express Exterior Package Deal $95-$125

‘Ultimate’  Full Interior Detail $100-$150 This package is for customers wanting perfection to make the interior as new again as it can be. Includes free Scotch Guard treatment to fabric.


  • Vacuum
  • Scrub down  all plastic panels to remove grime, dirt, pop stains, etc…..
  • Clean all cubby holes, drink holders, consoles areas etc…
  • Treat all interior panels with dressing
  • Glass Cleaned
  • Stain and odor removal
  • Carpet, seats, and floor mats cleaned with hot water extractor
  • Headliner lightly cleaned
  • Leather cleaned and treated with protectant
  • Door jambs detailed and wiped down
  • Pet hair removal- excessive or embedded hair may result in extra charge
  • Air freshener dispersed
  • Scotch Guard  fabric (free with full interior only)

Ultimate “Show Car” Full Exterior Detail $135-$200 This detail is the best exterior detail available, turning even an ordinary car’s paint into a real head turner.   High speed rotary paint polishing with multiple steps and finishing with the perfect wax or paint sealant gives the best finish possible.  Heavy defect removal with this option.


  • Hand Wash
  • Removal of bugs, tar, and road paint
  • Clay bar paint
  • 3-5 step machine polish
  • Wax or sealant application by machine
  • Glass cleaned
  • Tires cleaned and dressed
  • Plastic trim cleaned and dressed

Ultimate Interior and Ultimate Exterior Detail Package $215-$295

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